Trekking in Jaén

Jaén has so many tourist scenarios that we can visit and visit for tourism from a different perspective. In that sense, hiking is one of the most common activities.

One of the reasons why many travelers decide to travel to Jaén is because of the wide variety of surfaces and environments conducive to hiking. We are talking about an exquisite diversity of areas spread over different levels of difficulty, ideal for all types of audiences (beginners or experts). Next we mention some recommended routes.

Trekking in Jaén

Jaén-Zumbel: With an extension of 11.83 kilometers, it would not hurt to start on this moderate level route, which includes a pass through Calaralto and is one of the most requested points by tourists who start in the world of hiking.

Jaén-Cordel: This is another point of reference for hiking in Jaén. The extension of the route reaches 13.45 kilometers, with stops in different landscape areas to capture the best photos. Ideal for beginners.

Jaén hiking

Cave of the Bats of Jaén: possibly we are talking about one of the most popular routes in Jaén, in a privileged passage through the interior of a huge cave that extends in a route of 13.58 kilometers. Up to here come whole families to enjoy a fun and educational day.


Jaén-Camino de Pedro Coes-El Canjorro: and finally we have this long route that reaches 18.82 kilometers, in a 3-hour walk through different landscapes, natural areas and uneven surfaces of Jaén.

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