Tres Aguas Shopping Center

Within the great offer of Shopping centers that Madrid offers, Tres Aguas is one of the most modern and complete. It is located in Alcorcón and is accessed by different highways. It is one of the main references of the commercial sector.

Tres Aguas Shopping Center

It is an open space where culture and nature coexist, fun and shopping. The architecture plays with natural light, water and color.

Tres Aguas shopping center leaving

The visitor can transit through the outdoor areas and commercial plants, where you can see the landscaping designed with many details, and you can also enjoy squares, rest areas and fountains.

Tres Aguas shopping center looking for

Three waters It has an area of ​​65 thousand square meters, where they are established 150 stores. This shopping center has a wide range of fashion and accessories, home and decoration and leisure centers. It has a parking lot of three thousand seats.

Batukada at the Tres Aguas Shopping Center for its fifth anniversary.

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