Trip to Pamplona: the bullfight

The bullfight in Pamplona

BullMany people live with the illusion of knowing and living experiences that mark our lives, experiences that when we reach an age we can count on pride and remember those memories with great passion.

As it happens with the holiday celebrated in one of the cities of the Spanish kingdom, where we see through our televisions an endless number of huge and burly bulls running through the narrow streets of a city full of people celebrating and running agitated in front of the beasts … this city: Pamplona!

A good way to get there is by train, economical, entertaining and safe. Upon arrival for the festivities hundreds of people are lying on the floor, resting on the benches after a long night of marching that share another similarity, all dressed in white suits and red scarves in clothing that represents the traditional costume. That you already installed in this environment will want to dress to enjoy the festivities as well as its inhabitants and other tourists who have undertaken the trip to get carried away by the adrenaline that already feels in the streets. As the saying goes: While you're in Rome … do like the Romans!

These festivities are called Las Fiestas de San Fermín, where the objective is to run ahead of the bulls through narrow streets, reduced by cows that are crowded with fantastic locals and tourists who excitedly shout fervently at the emotion generated by this fountain of adrenaline until you reach the Plaza de Toros which is the third largest in the world.


Already all prepared for the race, it is imperative to know that by tradition women cannot be part of the race, but exceptions always occur with women of great courage. For this, all the runners are formed in front of the herd of bulls, around 6am, all prepared, ready and run to go out unharmed and happy about this activity, because accidents have been reported in these runs by people who have been reached by the bulls who do not intend to hurt more if fleeing because they are terrified …


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