Trip to Polynesia: Tahiti Island

TahitiPolynesia is an extraordinary destination that offers endless possibilities to enjoy, formed by high mountains, green valleys populated with thick vegetation accompanied by huge waterfalls where its waters are warm flowing into warm rivers. Many of its routes show us that even being there, we will not have the time to get to know all the thousand and one wonders, which go from all kinds of islands including Societe, Tuamotu, Marquesas, all of them different from each other, each one with particularities that make them unique. Where you can take the opportunity to relax, or if yours are the adventures enjoy trips along the rivers that surround the islands. Today we will tell you about the best in Tahiti, where you will undoubtedly leave us speechless of its beautiful waters and beaches, where it seems that the blue of the sky merges into a single soul with the ocean water! Tahiti by the islands in this archipelago, being the most populous and largest of all. Those who love nature will feel at home, for their paths in the vegetation where they will fill the view with hidden waterfalls, which we see descending from the top of the mountains until entering the thick jungle, where the camera will capture the best natural shots , from bays and mountains to its surroundings as on the hill of Tahara’a. Tahiti, is a paradise for surfers for its cool and warm waters like Papenoo famous for its huge beaches for surfing, in addition to its lagoons where you can dive at shallow depth. We will find a paradisiacal place where all lovers of life and nature, will wish their stay to explore the island, from their typical meals, their walks, their dances and traditions at night to an opportunity and unique scenario in our life, which takes place in the municipalities of Amena and Hitiaa, where a steep road makes its way through the mountain, until reaching a wide space of natural caves dug by the volcanic lava route, where we will appreciate the “Lavatubes” tubes lava.From here we can enjoy the rest of paradise islands, where landscape, culture and traditions will make us feel like nowhere else in the world. Places where its inhabitants take care of the smallest detail of their accommodation, the typical dances, their typical gastronomy, while enjoying a life halfway between relaxation and experience, with activities such as navigation, fishing, will make your stay unforgettable.

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