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Trip to San Francisco.

Since the attacks of the 11s, the security measures are stricter, without a visa you can stay there for less than 90 days, the visa counts about 100 dollars. But if you decide to go, many wonderful things await you.

There are many things to see and you will need time, one of the things you can see is the SoMa neighborhood many of the important things, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the center for the arts of Hierbabuena, the cartoon Art Museum, the preferred site for those who adore those who once were our best friends, cartoons.
It is also worth going to see the view that the Fisherman´s Wharf offers us, the port is no longer what it was before, now it has been filled with restaurants, bars, gift shops … It is worth it in order to see the views from the Golden Gate Bridge, you can also visit some of the museums that we can find there.
golden gate bridge

The chinatown is a neighborhood full of oriental businesses, at night it offers spectacular views.
china town san francisco

Golden Gate Park is one of the largest in San Francisco, it is a very pleasant walk between, gardens, lakes, and the people of San Francisco do many activities.
golden gate park

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