Trip to the Mundaka Carnival!

Mundaka CarnivalSpain dresses up with happy holidays and huge celebrations during the Carnival festivities that take different dates throughout all its towns, many of them are in honor of independence, others in cult of sanctities. However, where they all coincide, it is in the joyful and fun that they spend their participants, residents and tourists who come year after year to be part of these parties!

Take the joyful case of the Mundana Carnival, a joyful traditional festival of the Basque country that fills its streets and villages with joyful songs to the rhythm of cultural music in the last weeks of June, to commemorate San Pedro.

Mundaka CarnivalThe interesting aspect of these Mundana festivities is the music and the songs that accompany it, a long white white party, dressed in white robes with a small sheet on the head, accompanied by various musical instruments, including guitars and accordions, they They are the "Atorraks" where they accommodate about 140 !!!

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