Trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Seville

On a walk through Seville, where the air is felt with its sweetened aromas of roses, and fruits. We arrive at the majestic and unique convent of Merced Calzada.

Museum of Fine Arts Museum

When we stop and look around, we can realize how beautiful and simple it is, but as we enter, it takes us by surprise to see that it is a jewel among Andalusian museums, not only for its architecture but for being the home from collections that include paintings by famous artists ranging from Murillo, Alejo Fernández, Zurbarán, to Valdés paintings.


Originally founded as the Museum of Paintings, in 1835, where works provided by convents and monasteries were mostly included. Installed in what was once an old convent, the convent of Merced Calzada. The architecture was seen since then in constant modifications since 1868, where the arches and walls located on the first level were restored. Then, a request to the tiles that were obtained from the conventons confiscated by the liberal government of Mr. Mendizábal, the Zocals and their tilework gives it a classic character of the Renaissance era. A second intervention was necessary for the opening of the Patio de las Conchas, in the place where the sacristy was previously located and its last intervention has been to adapt its architecture to the standards of museology.

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