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Trips through Valencia

In your tour of the city of Valencia, there are endless activities such as points of interest to visit during the trip.

To begin we recommend you read about the festivities of the time in which you propose your trips around Valencia. As for example, if you come during the month of February it is worth giving a visit to the works and artistic expressions in the VEO Festival, a compilation of hipster and innovative art.


Then if your trip is for the month of March, precisely you would come to enjoy one of the most renowned parties at the level of Spain that have gained tourist fame to the city of Valencia, the famous Fallas, in honor of the patron of the carpenters San José, where the city dresses up and its streets rejoice with colorful dresses, huge and beautiful statues created by hand by the artisans themselves and many local families, to then compete for the most beautiful and best work of all. In addition, next to these begin the festivities of the Holy Week Marinera in Valencia! One of the Mediterranean traditions that contain the greatest devotion, a celebration that evokes the roots of the Holy Week worldwide, celebrated by the main streets of Cabanyal and Canyamelar.

Fallas in Valencia

In your trips through Valencia, the most important thing in itself is to know the city of sciences and arts, beautiful architectural works that have given space and worldwide fame to Valencia for its futuristic architectures. In addition, if you come as a family, we invite you to visit the new and renovated Bioparc, a zoo with a wide variety of animals and an environment that pretends similar to the natural habitat of the species.

City of Science and Arts

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