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Trips to the Constitution Bridge

If you are thinking of taking a trip taking advantage of the constitution bridge then you came to the right place, because below we propose a series of destinations that you can visit to make your stay an unforgettable and fun experience.

Trips for the constitution bridge

Now that we enter the final stretch of the year, it would not hurt to recharge the batteries and look for some low-budget destinations to continue doing some tourism before the Christmas holidays. Here five recommended destinations in the constitution bridge:

Disneyland: First of all we have this wonderful theme park, very popular with adults and children. Ideal for the whole family, couples and the smallest of the house. Disneyland has the most amazing scenarios to meet your favorite characters from Disney movies and series, with theme games and attractions that will make your day a pleasant moment to share. Need more reasons to go to Disneyland?

Trips for the constitution bridge

Benilloba: If you are looking for a romantic walk, then do not miss the opportunity to spend an exciting weekend in Benilloba, the best destination for a few days getaway, with the best views of Sierra de Alcoy, Sierra Serrella and Sierra de Aitana. It is a cozy town where you will feel free from the hustle and bustle of downtown cities, breathing a little fresh air from the mountains and practicing various natural sports.

Papagayo Beaches: let's make a significant turn. Now we go to this beautiful beach that can become a dream site, with protected natural areas and an amazing panoramic view of transparent waters and cool weather. In total we have four beaches to choose from: Puerto Muelas, Playa del Pozo, Playa del Papagayo.

travel to papagayo beach

Arrivals of the Duero: and since we talk about nature, it would not hurt to go to this natural park that gives us scenic views to frame in a cover photo. Live among mountains, river canyons, flower fields, excursions from an early age and a lot of beautiful landscapes that will serve you as a spiritual experience.

Pontevedra: and finally we have this amazing place that has been described by many as the little Troy, an imitation of the historic city with all its architectural attractions, natural parks and sculptures of great cultural value. A very economical and educational trip that you can not miss.

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