Trips to Tunisia

Every tourist who travels to the remote and wild lands of Africa has to visit the small Tunisia in North Africa, a beautiful region full of historical contrasts and natural beauty varying from its turquoise waters to the vast and extensive millenary desert regions of the Sahara.

Sahara Desert, Tunisia

Tunisia it is one of the smallest territories in the north of Africa, but probably one of the few that offers the traveler so much natural diversity in the landscapes whose horizons are a lot of vestiges, ruins and sculptures that have marked their history. Its beaches are the best in Africa for making coast with the Mediterranean and on its opposite side with the beautiful Italian island of Sicily in addition to other small islands of remarkable beauty like Jerba to the south and Kerkennah in the east. Its landscapes vary from high cliffs in the north to getting lost in the thick humid forests of the west that immediately contrast with its famous Sahara desert to the south of Gafsa and Gabés, which competes in tourist interest only with the interesting salt deserts that are found at a height level much lower than the sea.

Tunisia Photos

In addition to it Tunisia offers the traveler some of the best oases to enjoy a vacation or a relaxing weekend in the middle of the desert, like the oasis of the central desert “Zaafrane“Or the majestic”Kebili”Which also offers some hot water pools to relax and enjoy the horizon.

Oasis in Tunisia

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