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Trips with and for children

Travel with children It is a pleasant experience for the family. For the trip to be successful we must consider the following:

The first is the destination place. You have to take into account their tastes, the type of activity they are willing to do and the level of difficulty presented to them by the destination we are going to choose.

Children usually get bored if the journey becomes monotonous. They do not understand distances and preparations. If we go with young children, the ideal will be a place where there is tranquility and can move without complications. The rural areas or the beach are ideal, since there are not many natural obstacles that complicate children’s walking too much.

We must always bring food and water – regardless of the distance to travel – so we prevent any problems on the road that could prolong the journey. It is ideal to have music, in addition, we can sing some children’s or fashion songs as a group.

When traveling with children you must be careful with warm clothes and accessories. Caps, sun creams, towels, blankets, everything must be at hand. We can also have a kit of balls, rackets and others, for moments of rest on the road. In this way, children will be linked with adults and have a healthy leisure time.

It is essential to have a good road guide and inform us about the natural, cultural attractions, recreational areas and restaurants that we can find along the way because they are always a good resource for children’s entertainment. If we plan to travel on vacation dates we must make reservations in advance.

As children grow older and have more strength to perform physical activities with a greater fatigue load, you can start visiting places with larger natural obstacles, such as mountains or places where they are performed hiking activities and adventure sports. When traveling it is also important that the child understands the importance of the surrounding natural environment, therefore, it is recommended that they be taken to nature reserves or walks through rural areas.

Many times, due to lack of time or money, vacations cannot extend more than one weekend, and sometimes you cannot leave the city either. However, this is not an impediment to enjoy with children, since you can visit points of great educational interest such as zoos, museums, planetariums, theme parks and attractions, among others.

Some places we recommend for travel with children They are:

Bear’s Path Trubia Valley, Asturias. The Bear’s path is pedestrian and runs through the valleys of Trubia, Quirós and Teverga. It is ideal for hiking because of its natural and ethnographic richness.

Madrid Aquarium Zoo. The zoological park, dolphinarium, aquarium, and the Mysterious Nature pavilion meet in an area of ​​twenty hectares. In that space we will find reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Aiguestortes Natural Park. In this natural space children of all ages will be amazed by nature.

Warner theme park in Madrid. In its facilities we will be part of great attractions and shows with the popular Warner characters. The ticket has a price of 38 euros (adults) and 29 euros (children).

The Pastures Cercedilla. In the Recreational Area of ​​Las Dehesas, one of the main attractions of the Sierra Madrileña, we can enjoy its artificial swimming pools and large picnic areas.

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