Tufia – Gran Canaria

The Tufia beach It is located in the municipality of Telde, southeast of the island of Gran Canaria. As the buses do not get there you can get on the GC-I road to the Tufia fishing district, and then walk down to the beach.

Tufia in Gran Canaria

You will find one semiurban beach of fine black volcanic sands, with calm waters. With 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, this beach is located between large cliffs that, when sheltered from the winds, make it very suitable for scuba diving. But do not expect to find services, it only has a cleaning service and litter bins, and no lifeguards.

Tufia neighborhood

Normally there is not a very high occupation, so it is normal for local fishermen to fish. The site is usually the most pleasant to spend a very quiet day.

Tufia neighborhood

It is very interesting, too, to take a walk through the Tufia deposit, which is situated on a cape, on the coast. It is one of the largest on the island and, in it you will find caves and a set of rough stone houses along some roads, vestiges of the evolution of the pre-Hispanic town.

Tufia deposit

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