Tunisian Beaches

Tunisia located in North Africa has one of the most incredible coastlines. With fabulous beaches of white and toasted sand, you will not be surprised to find beautiful crystalline waters and an almost unimaginable exoticism.

tunes beach

The Tunisian beaches, they are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, where tourists can dive, swim, and get to know wonderful places like Tabarka and Djerba Island.

They are more than 100 kilometers of beach with infrastructures designed for enjoyment. Here the most splendid.

tunisia beach

The Hammamet beaches one hour from Tunisia, they have services and infrastructure worthy of the best European resorts, with the exoticism of the Middle East.

All are very clean golden sand beaches, in which you can go diving, snorkeling and swimming.

The Djerba Island, on the other hand, east of Tunisia, has as its main tourist range the beaches with crystal clear waters, perfect for water diving.

These beaches being a little busier than those of Hammamet without a doubt we can find adequate services and equipment within the hotel zone of the region. The most prominent beaches of Djerba are Sidi Mahrez, Rass Taguerness, and Seguia Beach.

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