Turkish baths in Madrid

The Arab baths are ideal so that within the monotony and stress that usually accompanies the daily work, we give ourselves a moment of relaxation, in addition, it helps the release of toxins, exfoliation of the skin and reduces stress.

One of the recommended Arab baths in Madrid are those of Hammam Al Andalus. These bathrooms will transfer us sensually to the old Mudejar thanks to the decoration, waters, lighting, relaxing music and perfumes.

The Hammam (located in Calle Atocha 14, 28012) offers us in sessions that have an average of ninety minutes to access three water rooms, all with different temperatures ranging from 15 ° C to 40 ° C; Between these pools we will have steam and rest rooms, where we can have tea and water.

This activity can be carried out throughout the year (although in the Hamman we must make a previous reservation), being recommended at least once a week to maintain the relaxation and exfoliation of the skin. To participate we must have a bathing suit, towel, toiletries and be barefoot. In addition, if we have long hair we must pick it up. (It is important to know that it is mixed and that we will have lockers to store our personal items).

Prices range from 32 to 72 euros, offering a basic bathroom with massage for 10 to 15 minutes to full service with bath, traditional kessa and relaxing massage with foam in the style of the original Hammam, respectively.

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