Turkish baths in Seville

If we are looking for a moment of relaxation that brings benefits to our health, we can opt for a Turkish bath. In this experience we can surround ourselves with warm and relaxing steam in addition to discovering an activity that strengthens our metabolism thanks to the acceleration of our breathing and stimulation of our nervous system.

With the Turkish baths in Seville we will experience a healthy dilation of our pores that will allow us to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body.

Most turkish bath circuits will offer us to alternate between cold baths and steam sessions to stimulate blood circulation, as well as stimulate calm.

If we are looking for recommended Turkish baths in Seville we can opt for the offers of Aires de Sevilla (Calle Aire 15, 41004). Here we can opt for basic services that include Turkish baths and aromatherapy for 26 euros per person, to more complete services that include Turkish baths + aromatherapy + exfoliating treatment / chocotherapy / mud therapy with prices from 69 to 109 euros.

Another option is the Turkish bath services in Seville offered by the Ana Benítez Urban Spa (Avenida de España 114). Here we will find all kinds of relaxation and beauty services and we can opt for Turkish baths with prices from 35 euros per session.

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