Typical Catalan food: Butifarra with beans

Within typical dishes of Catalan cuisine we found the sausage with beans, the same that became popular since the early nineteenth century and that usually characterizes the days when friends and families meet for a meeting and sharing space.

Traditionally this dish is not accompanied with other ingredients, however, some variants have been made such as accompanying the sausage with beans with grilled lamb chops or with bread of bread with tomato in the style of Catalonia.

Ingredients for Butifarra with beans

The preparation of the sausage with beans is simple, to make this dish we need:

– Meat sausage
– White beans
– A little olive oil
– Pork belly
– Salt

How to make Butifarra with beans step by step

– Let the beans soak overnight.
– The next day, we change the water and cook them over low heat.
– Cooking is left an average time of two hours.
– When the beans are soft, add salt and proceed to drain them.
– Cut the bacon into strips to fry them and, when removed, in that oil we fry the beans to mix both ingredients.
– Finally, we grill the sausage and serve.

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