Typical Catalan food: Ebro Delta eels

The Ebro Delta is home to some regions that are considered to be owners of one of the richest and most varied gastronomies in Europe thanks to its abundant natural resources.

The regions of Baix Ebre and Montsià, located in the southern areas of Catalonia, are those that have a traditional marine cuisine where the eel is one of the protagonists.

If we visit these regions it is sure that before tasting the eels we will be invited to try some starters based on frog legs, in addition, after consumption we can choose dishes based on wild duck meat, rabbit, ox, among others .

Eels of the Ebro Delta

These eels are medium (in their adult stage they can reach seventy centimeters) with an elongated body and tiny scales, in addition, there are others of smaller size that do not exceed ten centimeters. Its meat is tasty despite its jelly-like consistency.

Being caught through the gangster system, which consists of holding a net bag with an iron base, these marine animals are characterized by their intense flavor.

Due to their shortage in recent years, the price of eels has increased astronomically, however, due to the breeding grounds we can now enjoy their flavor and texture at a cheaper price.

Eel in green sauce

Ingredients for Eel in green sauce

One of the most popular dishes with this ingredient are eels in green sauce. To prepare it we need:

– Kilo and a half eel
– Two hard boiled eggs
– Four cloves of garlic
– A little parsley
– Salt
– Water

How to make eel in green sauce step by step

– The first step in the preparation is to clean the eels well (inside and outside).
– We cut them into pieces about six centimeters long.
– We make a paste based on parsley, garlic and eggs, and fry.
– We add the eel, water and a little salt and let everything simmer for an average of forty minutes.

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