Typical Catalan food: onions liver

Onion liver is one of the typical dishes of Catalan cuisine, although it is also a favorite in German, British, and several countries in central Europe.

This dish has as a basic ingredient the liver, either lamb, beef or pork, and onion. As an accompaniment, mashed or cooked potatoes (very little fried) are usually placed, and in some destinations a salad or a little rice is usually garnished. In the Catalan recipe, fried garlic is added to the preparation.

Ingredients for onions liver

To prepare the onions liver we need:

– Liver (any of the aforementioned and at a rate of 150-200 grams per person)
– Red and white onion in long
– Chives
– Flour
– Three garlic cloves
– A little cider
– Salt
– Olive oil

How to make onions liver step by step

– The first thing is to reduce the onion with cider
– Cut the liver into strips and season it
– Breaded the liver with flour
– Fry the liver pieces
– add the white onion and garlic in small pieces to the fried liver
– We proceed to serve with the side dishes that are of our choice.

Within the variants of the dish we have that in France the liver is fried with butter (accompanying it with bacon), in Central America it is accompanied with corn tortillas, and, that in South America it is usually served with rice and salad.

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