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Typical costumes of Costa Rica by provinces: photos and information

In Costa Rica we find a typical generalized dress that consists of a brightly colored dress for women and a simple suit for men. However, in each province there are several differences. Therefore, in this article, we give you information about the traditional clothing of each area of ​​the country.

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In Alajuela, the traditional female costume consists of a wide cotton shirt with flights, a rebozo or brightly colored shawl and a silk petticoat with soft colors.

Also, on the neck it is typical to wear a black velvet ribbon with a cross or a gold medallion. As for the hair, combs adorned with colored ribbons are combed. The shoes are patent leather boots, although they can also go barefoot.

The male version consists of a white long-sleeved shirt, a red scarf and jeans. They usually accompany it with a gold ring and go barefoot or with leather sandals or caites.


The women of Carthage, in the Central Region, wear a blouse or cotona with lace, a skirt with three flights and booties. On the head they put both a veil and a hat.

On the other hand, men wear a blanket jacket, a white or black hat, a jacket or vest and a tie. In the following video you can see photos of the traditional clothing of Carthage and other provinces:


In Guanacaste, the typical costume of women is made up of a blouse or camisole with pumpkin sleeves and a white cotton petticoat with flights. The men wear white cotton pants, a camisole with a different colored chest and hat.

On the other hand, different clothes are usually used to practice each dance. In the case of botijuela, the girls wear a lace and flying dress. The considered young ladies (single women), wear blankets and ladies pañolón.


Traditional dress in Heredia is different. Usually the colors are darker and the clothes more conservative.

In the case of women, they wear a cotton or plain silk blouse with a high neck, a long petticoat, a black silk towel on the back and black patent leather ankle boots.


The province of Limón is located in eastern Costa Rica. In this area, the typical dress of women is composed of a white blouse with flights and colored trims, a long skirt in bright colors, leather sandals and a flower on the head. Sometimes, he also wears an apron.

Also, men wear white shirts, long pants, sash at the waist, neckerchief and small hat. As for footwear, they wear sandals or caites Leather.


In Puntarenas, women wear a dress with flights and, on it, a covered or large scarf decorated with flowers and sequins. The footwear consists of leather or black patent leather boots. Another characteristic element is the fan.

The most repeated colors in this area are white and orange. As for men, they usually wear full white.

Saint Joseph

The traditional feminine costume of San José consists of a skirt and a blouse with flights. A black velvet necklace with a gold medallion is worn on the neck. In addition, natural flowers are put in the hair.

Among the different colors, white and purple stand out. The traditional dress of the man is formed by a black suit, black boots, a scarf on the neck and a hat.

User Questions

What do the colors of the typical Costa Rican costume mean?

Sometimes, the colors used in Costa Rica dresses are blue, white and red, which refer to the country's flag. However, they can also be of other colors, which convey joy, as they are usually alive.

When is traditional clothing worn in Costa Rica?

The typical costumes mentioned above are not used every day. They tend to dress on prominent dates such as national holidays or some cultural events.

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