Culture and traditions

Typical dances of Arequipa

About 40 years ago since in Peru the Arequipa carnivals they used to celebrate with a duration of 3 days that used to start on the first Sunday before Ash Wednesday. However, times have changed and carnivals are now single-date holidays. However, a people as cheerful and dancer as Arequipa he has not lost his Cultural roots. That is why we offer you a brief list with the most representative dances of Arequipa:

First of all we have the Arequipa Carnival which is probably the most significant in the region and is usually danced in Tribute to God “Momo”. Even so, this festive custom was brought from Europe and coupled to the peruvian style. The rhythm of the dance is due to huayno compass which is a very frequent genre in Peruvian dances. Also, the Arequipa Carnival It is usually danced in groups of couples and with colorful clothes.

On the other hand, there are also yura hot springs, the folklore dance that is customary to dance in the north of the union province, in the Calca district. The dance is usually characterized by denoting the different agricultural aspects of the Arequipa land. In short, it is a dance in homage to the hardworking farmer who works and reaps.

And finally, there is the dance of the Chaco, which is usually represented by the community members of the Pampa Cañahuas. In ancient times, the Chaco was the subject of rituals and religious ceremonies typical of the region. Currently, the fleece is considered the finest in the world.

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