Typical dishes of Arequipa

Arequipa It has delicious and tasty dishes. Turning your kitchen into one of Peru’s favorites. An unmistakable feature of their dishes is ground pepper (padrika), which gives the seasoning a special flavor.

The shrimp pacifier: This is a much requested dish for those who visit Arequipa. Shrimp soup is prepared with milk, eggs and oregano.

Stuffed hot pepper: Known and recognized in Peru and outside it. This delicious dish is stuffed with minced meat with cheese, milk, and is accompanied with potato pie.

Single: The single is an excellent salad that accompanies good food. It is prepared with fresh cheese, rocoto, onion, olives, beans and tomato.

Adobo Arequipeño: Typical Arequipa dish. This cooked pot dish is made with pork marinated with spices and chicha concho.

Ocopa: This is one of the most characteristic dishes of Arequipa cuisine. It is prepared with cooked potatoes, bathed with fresh cheese sauce, rocoto, olives and boiled egg.

Pebre: It is a delicious soup that is made with beef, chalona, ​​lamb, or beef jerky.

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