Typical dishes of Córdoba (Spain)

The region of Andalusia has as culinary capital to Cordoba. And it is that its cuisine is typical throughout the European region to seek mergers, make mixtures and their chefs try as much as possible to amaze palates with the use of new spices.

They certainly have a varied amount of typical dishes, but the king and big star of the select menu gastronomic Salmorejo is a spice soup-sauce made with the best quality gazpacho.

Here are some of the other delicacies that we cannot miss in the city and its surroundings:

The flamenquines: Basically pieces of serrano ham that are rolled in a rich and macerated pork loin. It is eaten with potatoes au gratin.

The artichokes a la montillana: Made with olive oil from the region.

The lamb with honey: An Arab recipe that arrived to affect the region. And how. This delight is a sweet dish of intense knowledge prepared with tender lambs that must macerate in honey and tarragon before cooking.

The Cordoba cake: Sweet plague typical of the area that is prepared with puff pastry.

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