Typical food of Belgium: Stoofvlees

The Stoofvlees, also known as carbonade la Flamande, is a meat stew recognized as one of the most representative dishes of Belgian cuisine and a mandatory tasting on our visit to this country.

We will find this dish in most restaurants in Belgium and, it is important to indicate that its name comes from the south of France from where the carbonade originates.

Ingredients for Stoofvlees:

To prepare Stoofvlees we need:

– 200 grams of margarine
– Three chopped onions in squares
– 300 to 400 grams of veal
– A cup of black beer
– Oil, salt, mustard, bay leaves and nutmeg

How to make Stoofvlees step by step

– We must fry the onion in a pan with little oil and a spoonful of margarine.
– Afterwards, season the meat with nutmeg and add it.
– When the meat is cooked we must add the beer – until it covers the ingredients.
– When it starts to boil we have to add three bay leaves and two slices of the bread that we must have smeared with mustard.
– Let cook for a period of an hour and a half to two hours, over very low heat.
– We serve accompanying the dish with a portion of fries or mashed potatoes.

This sweet and sour dish is characterized by the type of beer that is used in its preparation (black is recommended to enhance the flavor) and by taking in some recipes a little red wine or cider, if we do not have wine we can replace with vinegar but adding sugar brunette.

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