Typical food of Egypt: Makroud

Although its origin is in the gastronomy of Tunisia, it is impossible that if we travel to Egypt we do not taste a Makroud from our first meals. This dish also known as Macroude, is the result of a fusion of Tunisian and Algerian pastry and has gained so much popularity in Egypt that it is considered a typical food of this country.

How to make Makroud

The Makroud is a fried cake that is made up of a series of layers of dough that is filled with couscous semolina and a date paste – although there are also variants where nuts, almonds or pecans are used instead of dates.

Each layer is covered with this filling and then proceed to seal it to cut it in the form of rhombuses and fry it (this action can be performed in a pan, in a pan or in an oven, it does not affect the presentation and in Egypt they are fried in any of these three options).

How to prepare the Makroud dough

To make the Makroud dough we will have to mix flour with semolina, if we do not include any of these ingredients, the Makroud will not have the texture that characterizes it and will look like any other sweet.

How to serve the Makroud

The accompaniment of the Makroud is usually a lemonade or cold drink since, despite what we can think of when reading the recipe, this dessert is typical in Egypt especially in times of extreme heat. Although, if we prepare it in a cold area, we can choose in the accompaniment for a coffee or a tea.

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