Typical food of Germany: Brezel

The brezel, also known as pretzel, is a baked sandwich similar to a loop-shaped cookie and whose origin is located in Bavaria, Germany. The brezel of Germany should not be confused with that of the United States which is a bit thinner and crunchy.

The brezel has two categories, the first one being that of biscuits which are those of a greater consistency and those of bread that are of soft texture. The bread ones are the ones that best adapt to other ingredients so it is common to find bread bresel that also contain almonds, nuts, garlic, among others.

Ingredients to prepare Brezel

To prepare brezel we need:

– Flour (if it is for about fifteen servings we will need an average of five hundred grams).
– A packet of dry yeast.
– A cup with warm water.
– Fifty grams of butter.
– Two hundred milliliters of milk.
– One teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar.

How to prepare Brezel step by step

– We must knead all the ingredients until a uniform dough is achieved.
– After obtaining this texture we must divide the dough into equal parts (fifteen portions).
– We proceed to extend one by one until they reach a length of thirty centimeters.
– Let stand for half an hour and go preheating the oven to a maximum of 230 degrees Celsius.
– While we are brewing the brezel and passing them egg yolk with the help of a kitchen brush.
– Sprinkle salt on the brezel and place them on a mold previously covered and covered in butter. – We lower the oven temperature thirty degrees and wait for them to bake.

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