Typical food of Germany: Semmel or Brötchen

Within the typical rolls of Germany we find the Brötchen or Semmel. This bread is an essential complement in German breakfasts and in the places where Bratwurst or Brühwurst (roasted sausages and cooked sausages) are eaten, so it is rare not to be able to buy a Semmel at any bakery in the city.

Ingredients to prepare Semmel or Brötchen

– Two cups of wheat flour (or rye flour)
– Yeast
– A cup with boiled water

How to prepare Semmel or Brötchen step by step

– Mix the two cups of flour with yeast until creating a uniform dough.
– When achieving the uniform texture, we must let the dough rest.
– After twenty minutes, we divide the dough into medium-sized portions (the size of a fist) with which we will create the rolls.

Brötchen or Semmel classes

The Brötchen or Semmel has the following regional variants in Germany:

– Hörnchen, horn-shaped muffin popular in the Czech Republic.
– Kaisersemmel, typical Austrian bread that is made using refined wheat flour.
– Knüppel, with an elongated shape whose preparation uses butter as the base ingredient.
– Langsemmel, oval.
– Partyrad, muffin containing sesame and cumin seeds.
– Stollen, muffin decorated with anise seeds.
– Wasserweck, round shape made with water, flour and salt.

Within the international gastronomy we can also find variants of the Brötchen or Semmel such as: the Kaisersemmel, which as we have already mentioned is a typical Swiss muffin that is made with white bread dough and that has a spiral shape and the Kajzerica, typical of Poland which is more elongated than the traditional way.

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