Typical food of the Canary Islands: wrinkled potatoes with mojo

Wrinkled potatoes (or wrinkles) with Mojo are a traditional dish of Canarian cuisine (the same one that is characterized by having a great variety of ingredients and condiments). Although mojo can be bought prepared in stores and supermarkets, the taste of a sauce prepared at home has no comparison.

Ingredients for Potatoes wrinkled with Mojo

To prepare wrinkled potatoes with Mojo for four people we need:

– One kilo of small potatoes
– Half a kilo of fat salt
– Half a kilo of tomato
– Three garlic cloves
– A small cup of olive oil
– A red paprika
– A small cup of vinegar and cumin
– Salt and pepper to taste

How to make Wrinkled Potatoes with Mojo step by step

-First we must wash the potatoes to place them in a saucepan and cover them with water with a little salt.
-After about fifteen minutes we must prick the potatoes to see if they are already cooked.
-When they are cooked we must drain them (without removing them from the pan because part of the preparation is to keep them with the steam from the pan).
-After ten minutes, uncover the pan to see if they are already dry (they must also have a wrinkled and white presentation of the fat salt we put in when cooking them).
-To prepare the mojo picón we must mix all the other ingredients in the blender (or in a mortar) and add the species to taste.
-Finally, we add this sauce over the potatoes.

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