Typical Tunisian food: Brik

Among the typical dishes of Tunisian gastronomy we find brik, a kind of crepe -of very thin layer-, which has a triangular shape and is usually filled with tuna or veal meat, common ingredients in the cuisine of this destination, as well as vegetables, fish and pasta.

prepare the brik

Brik is a dish that is usually served as an entrance and that can be found both in the homes of Tunisia and in its restaurants.

How to prepare Brik

To prepare this typical dish we will need ten to twelve sheets of thin pasta, six eggs, two potatoes, a garlic, two hundred grams of tuna, parsley, pepper, salt and olive oil.

prepare brick tunisia

The first thing is to peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces to cook with a little salt. While the potatoes are cooking, we must chop the onion, parsley and garlic to add them to the boiling water. Simultaneously, in a pot mix the tuna and eggs, and add salt and pepper. When everything is mixed, we add the vegetables.

Tunisian brick

Then, we proceed to place a little of the dough on each sheet of pasta and fold it to form a triangle. We fry each brik and serve it with chips and lemon juice.

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