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UNESCO in Chile

The UNESCO has an office in Santiago of Chile, which is responsible for providing cooperation to the South American country in education. Manages support strategies for political decision-making related to this purpose.

UNESCO in Chile

This office works in conjunction with the Chilean Cooperation Commission, which depends on Ministry of Education. The office contributes to the development of activities and programs of the commission as well as supports the National Forum of Quality Education for All (this is a shared public agenda).

The regional office of the UNESCO in Chile collaborate with him Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Planning, Universities and other entities related to education.

UNESCO in Chile city

It also carries out joint work with the other offices of United Nations in the country, regarding the strengthening of indigenous policy in the matter of human rights and the monitoring of Millennium Development Goals in the area of ​​education.

All these and other actions of the office in Chile they also respond to the orientations of Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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