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UNESCO Scholarships

The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) aims to build peace in the minds of men through education, culture, natural sciences, social and communication.

UNESCO Scholarships

Therefore, it has a scholarship program, which also attributes and administers grants and study trips.

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The purpose is contribute to the development of human resources, in addition to increasing the capacities of national areas, according to the desired strategic objectives. It is also responsible for increasing sponsorship, along with donors and extra-budgetary funds for the Sponsored Scholarship program.

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The UNESCO offers scholarships of all kinds, there are even scholarships for professional artists, these have been awarded since 1994 and already add around 600 privileged in 72 countries of the world.

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There are also scholarships for teachers, post-grade scholarships, scholarships. The UNESCO It also grants scholarships for research and in all parts of the world. It even awards scholarships for postgraduate and master’s degrees.

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