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United Kingdom Map

The United Kingdom It is a sovereign state formed by four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each of them has subdivisions from before the formation of the United Kingdom. The responsibility of local government has recently been decentralized to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England No, it does not have a decentralized parliament, so its territorial organization legislation is the duty of the Parliament and Government of the United Kingdom.

England It is divided into nine regions. Greater london It is divided in turn into 32 municipalities plus the Cuty london. The rest of the English territory is divided into metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties, which in turn have districts.

North Ireland It is divided into 26 districts, each has a council with limited powers, such as collecting waste, maintenance of parks and cemeteries and dog control. In 2008, proposals were accepted to create 11 new councils and thus replace the system it had. It is about combining the existing 26 and the next elections will be held in 2011.

The geography of United Kingdom it also covers other territories such as Man Islands, those of the Canal, and the Crown Colonies.

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