United States Gastronomy

The gastronomy from U.S It is characterized by being practical or easily prepared and having a strong link with its migratory flows.

So, although many dishes They have their origins in other countries, American chefs have substantially altered them over the years that around the world are already considered typically American. An example of this are the hot dogs waves burgers, both brought by German immigrants, or pizzas, very different from those found in Italy.

The kitchen Mexican, German, Chinese, Vietnamese or Italian, to name a few, are already part of that country’s gastronomic landscape to the point that they are as traditional as Coca Cola, the cherry pie, the fried chicken, or the “milkshakes” These include all kinds of pasta, tacos and burritos – the so-called “texmex” stream -, Chinese food like the “General Tso’s chicken”, Or Greek food like the“ gyro ”sandwich or the“ cupcakes ”baklava”Found in supermarkets.

Perhaps one of the American specialties is the barbecue (BBQ), beef breast, ribs, or smoked pork slowly for hours. The chest and ribs are usually cut very thinly, and grated zero meat in a dish known as “pulled pork”. Varied sauces are added to the side of the plate and side dishes such as baked potatoes with cheese. The best barbecues They can be found in Kansas, Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Additionally, many companies of food American (General Mill, Kraft Foods, Campbell’s) have developed a whole range of dishes that require minimal preparation, such as frozen dishes and various desserts such as “cheesecakes“And” feet. “

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