University Campus – Santiago de Compostela

The University of Santiago de Compostela It is one of the oldest in Spain and has one of the University campuses better preserved.

In 1929 a project was carried out to build student residences and other university infrastructures, which resulted in the magnificent South Campus, boundary of Alameda Park. It is connected to it by means of a staircase that unifies the entire green landscape in a harmonious set, full of ponds and vertebrate fountains along the central promenade.

A walk through this wonderful complex will take us only 10 minutes, in which we will cross the 400,000 square meters of flower beds and meadows. The gentle slope is crossed by bike paths and walks where we will find wooded and landscaped areas with ornamental specimens and old trees among which the ginkgo takes on special importance.

A break in the shadow zone on the grass, after a journey by bicycle or on foot, and after cooling off in the sources It can be a good plan for a morning in Santiago. Or maybe you feel like taking the moonlight ride. The best thing would be for you to report to the Tourist Office, there is the possibility of doing one of the Guided visits on campus

To have a complete view of the Campus you must go to the viewpoint located in the Paseo da Ferradura from La Alameda, next to the statue of Manuel Ventura Figueroa.

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