Urban Spas

In Spain exists the Spanish Association of Urban Spas, which was formed with the objective of promoting urban spas, taking water as a therapeutic means to improve personal health.

Urban Spas

When you talk about urban spas, reference is made to places of well-being, with a pleasant atmosphere, which invites to rest. In them hydrothermal treatments, of putting in form and anti-stress are carried out. In addition, seawater is not used. The purpose is to find good body condition and general health maintenance.

Urban Spas relaxing

Another advantage of these spas is that they can be used by all family members, in addition They are located near the workplace or home.

Urban Spas resting

There are a lot of spas in each province of Spain. In A Coruña is Spa Loida, In Alicante, Luxor Spa, in Asturias, Náyades Spa, in Barcelona is Spabílate, Cantabria is Aquacenter Alday, in Madrid there is Spactual, Hippolytus Hot Springs, etc.

Calma Balneario Urbano, your spa in the center of Valencia.

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