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Vaccines to travel to Africa

Nature is one of the main attractions of the African continentHowever, it is a natural habitat for many insects that can generate a series of diseases that, together with some viruses, make us very attentive to health issue In this destination.

To travel to Africa we must verify according to our medical history the types of reinforcements and vaccines we need. The most common vaccines are that of hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, tetanus, polio, typhoid and diphtheria. Vaccines against yellow fever and rabies are mandatory in some destinations.

Within the tourists the Tropical diseases for food and mosquitoes. What is recommended is never to consume non-bottled water and if we are going to use a swimming pool, first verify that it has chlorinated water.

Other riskier diseases are: the malaria, which can be deadly and that is transmitted through mosquitoes (to prevent it we must use protection against bites and avoid long stay in areas of much vegetation); Ebola, another virus that can be fatal and that has an average incubation of six days, we can acquire it by direct infection through body fluids so it is prevented with hygiene.

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