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Vaccines to travel to Argentina

For travel to Argentina from Europe or North America the only vaccine that we will have to place on a mandatory basis (although they almost never ask for registration at the time of requesting our passport) is the yellow fever vaccine. If we travel from South America they do not ask us to get the vaccine, as if it happens when travel to Brazil.

This vaccine should be applied to travelers who are older than nine months and, without exception, if we are going to visit any forested area of ​​the country, taking special care in those bordering with Brazil and Paraguay (the provinces of Misiones, Formosa, Chaco, Corrientes, Itati, Jujuy, Salta, among others).

In addition, if we wish we can get a recommended vaccine, the same that will be related to our medical history so it is ideal to inform us in a International Vaccination Center authorized. Among the vaccines that are usually recommended are the tetanus Y hepatitis.

If we are going to travel to very rural areas such as those located in the limits with Bolivia, it is advisable to place the malaria vaccine since there are still cases of this disease in these areas.

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