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Vaccines to travel to Bali

Although the only mandatory vaccine to travel to Bali is that of the yellow fever, we must bear in mind that Indonesia It is a destination where we must have some sanitary safety measures in order to enjoy our holidays with tranquility.

If we are going to walk around the city it is advisable to apply the vaccine against typhoid fever since this is suggested when we travel to destinations of low sanitary conditions in food and water handling. The vaccine against influenza and hepatitis A is ideal because sometimes there may be some outbreaks of contagion of these diseases and, if we have not previously been vaccinated against any type of hepatitis, the vaccine against hepatitis B.

Another vaccine that we should place because it is of global presence is that of the tetanus diphtheria. This disease is caused by wounds caused by a punch, a claw or a burn, being a latent problem in poor communities and tropical countries.

For travel to Bali We can also request that we receive vaccines with rabies, paratyphoid fever and Japanese encephalitis.

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