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Vaccines to travel to Bolivia

For travel to Bolivia, as in most countries in South America, the only vaccine that we should get mandatory is that of yellow fever.

Although, beyond vaccines, the first thing we would recommend is to travel to this destination only if we have good physical resistance to climatic variations and height since there are areas that reach less than thirty degrees at night and many times we will have to travel in cobbled areas, without tracks, and steep, for a prolonged period of time.

Despite not being mandatory, other vaccines recommended when traveling to Bolivia are against typhoid, hepatitis A, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis B, malaria (if we are going to travel to areas of the Amazon) and polio.

Finally at travel to Bolivia It is recommended to take special care with food consumption (verify that they are washed) and water intake. There are several areas of the country that do not have a system of finished and healthy water supply so it is ideal to consume bottled water for our use, personal hygiene and food washing.

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