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Vaccines to travel to Cape Verde

For travel to Cape Verde The required vaccines are similar to all of the destinations of tropical climate, being mandatory to have the yellow fever vaccination certificate for all travelers who have more than one year of life.

At the same time the vaccine application against typhoid fever since there is always the risk of contracting a disease linked to the poor hygienic conditions of these destinations in everything related to safe water and food preparation.

Other vaccines are that of hepatitis B, that we can apply it if we have not suffered the disease before; tetanus diphtheria, the same that we can apply in any health center and that is recommended for travelers who go a bit to adventure and who can travel through places where they can make a wound or be bitten or scratched by an animal.

Finally in Cape Verde special care must be taken with the destinations where mosquitoes abound as they can transmit dengue (we must have repellents, insecticides and have light clothes but not as discovered) and take into account that during the months of September to November they are considered risky for cases of malaria.

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