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Vaccines to travel to Chile

If we go to travel to Chile We must know that it is one of the few South American countries where we will not have to apply any mandatory vaccine. Although, if there are any recommended vaccines which we will detail below.

If we haven’t had Hepatitis A or we have not yet been vaccinated against this disease, it is one of the vaccines that we most recommend in the International Vaccination Centers when we are going to travel. While the vaccine against Hepatitis B It will be indicated only if we have not had this disease and if we are going to carry out some type of activity considered risky such as high mountain sports, overnight in remote areas of the city, etc.

For all travelers who will arrive at Chile independently without being within a tour or control system over the areas to visit, it is recommended to place the tetanus diphtheria vaccine, this being a disease of worldwide distribution and everyone should have this immunization.

Finally, it is important to be very careful with the places where we eat or drink a drink because it is important to know how they have handled food being ideal to consume bottled water.

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