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Vaccines to travel to Colombia

For travel to Colombia It is mandatory to apply the yellow fever vaccine, such as when we travel to Brazil. Above all, if we are going to visit destinations included between the east and west of the Eastern Cordillera, the border with Ecuador, with Venezuela, the Amazon and the Orinoco plains.

Apart from the yellow fever vaccine Vaccines such as dengue fever are also recommended, since mosquitoes abound in Ecuador and sometimes repellents or mosquito nets are not enough and the typhoid fever vaccine, related to areas of low hygienic conditions and where we have no guarantees on food preparation and water control.

If we have not had diseases such as Hepatitis A and the Hepatitis BThe application of this vaccine is also recommended.

Finally, being a worldwide distribution disease, it is recommended to apply the tetanus diphtheria vaccine, especially if we are going to visit rural areas.

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