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Vaccines to travel to Ecuador

For travel to Ecuador we must apply the yellow fever vaccine with the exception of children under one year of age. Even if we are citizens of Ecuador, but we are going to leave areas of the country where there is a risk of transmission (Amazon areas such as Orellana, Zamora and Napo), we must still have the vaccination certificate.

In areas like Quito, Guayaquil and Galapagos Island there is no risk of yellow fever infection but it is still better to prevent. In addition, the application of the typhoid fever vaccine due to the low control that exists in the quality of the water and the preparation of food having places where the residual waters are not controlled.

If we have not had and received treatment before hepatitis A and hepatitis B, we can also get these vaccines because we have diseases of worldwide distribution such as tetanus-diphtheria.

Other diseases with less record of infection but usually have small outbreaks are dengue, caused by the mosquito bite (especially during the day); the chagas, a disease that is transmitted in rural zones through an insect that lives in adobe homes (recommended for adventurous travelers who can go camping or trekking in the middle of the jungle or in rural areas) and malaria or malaria, also infected by a species of mosquito that lives in South America.

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