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Vaccines to travel to India

If our next travel destination is India, it is important to know that we will have to apply the yellow fever vaccine If we are over nine months of age, even those who arrive in the country without having the international vaccination certificate could be isolated for an average of six days to receive the vaccine and obtain the permission of an airport official to enter to the country.

In addition, it is recommended to apply the following vaccines: cholera, for travelers who may have health risks for help in populated areas; hepatitis A, if we have not had the disease before; hepatitis B, according to the risk activities that we can carry out such as community work; Polio, if we have not been immunized before this disease and tetanus-diphtheria, to avoid an infection that can cause a serious picture due to not healing a wound or bite in time.

If we are going to spend more than fifteen days in this destination the application of the dengue vaccine, caused by mosquito bites; leishmaniasis, an infection that is caused by the bite of flies; and malaria.

Finally, it is important to note that another disease that can be contracted by mosquito bites is chikungunya fever, so we can also ask the Vaccination Center to guide us about this disease and tell us according to our medical record if it would be advisable to apply the vaccine or not.

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