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Vaccines to travel to Nepal

For travel to Nepal There are no obligatory vaccines although a series of recommended vaccines that we will indicate below so that our health is protected and the trip is a success.

Within the main Recommended vaccines for traveling to Nepal there is the typhoid fever vaccine since there are populous areas in this country where there may not be adequate care of food preparation and water health, in addition, for the same reason and for the performance of risk activities, the application of the hepatitis A vaccine and the vaccine against hepatitis B.

If we have not been immunized in childhood, the application of the polio vaccine is recommended since it is a disease that still presents cases in the rural areas of the country as well as the tetanus-diphtheria vaccine to avoid complications against any wound or infection

Additionally, because they are emerging diseases in some areas of Nepal, the application of dengue vaccine is advised, a disease that is transmitted by the mosquito bite and of the vaccine against malaria, having presented cases in the rural areas of Terai during the months of July to October.

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