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Vaccines to travel to Paraguay

For travel to Paraguay the only vaccine that we will have to apply on a mandatory basis is the yellow fever vaccine. All travelers who are over nine months of age must apply the vaccine in a Vaccination Center and request the international vaccination certificate.

In addition, if we are not sure if the destinations we will visit in the country are only urban or also rural, it is advisable to apply the typhoid fever vaccine, since there are areas associated with low hygienic conditions in the preparation of meals and without quality control of the water to drink or use.

Another recommended vaccine is tetanus diphtheria because it is a worldwide distribution disease and this vaccine is ideal to protect against any wound that we can perform with a scrape, spider or burn wound or a sharp object.

Finally, if we have never suffered and had Hepatitis A and hepatitis B treatment It is ideal to apply these vaccines because they are diseases that usually have emergency points in rural areas of Paraguay. Similarly, dengue (transmitted by mosquito bites) and malaria (cases occur in Alto Paraná, Caazapa and Caaguazú).

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