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Vaccines to travel to Punta Cana

Punta Cana It is one of the main Dominican Republic tourist destinations because of its white sand beaches, that is why, if we plan to travel to this destination, it is important to know that, although there are no vaccines that we must apply, if there are a series of recommended vaccines in order to protect our health on the trip.

Within the Recommended vaccines for traveling to Punta Cana we have: typhoid fever vaccine, important for tropical destinations where sometimes there is not a correct handling of food and there may be a low water quality control; hepatitis B vaccine, only for those who have not had the disease or have been vaccinated against it before; and the tetanus-diphtheria vaccine, recommended to all travelers as we must always keep our defenses up to date with this disease.

In addition, because it is a tropical destination, the dengue vaccine application, since the mosquito bite is something that all visitors and non-visitors usually suffer, even if we have applied repellent and the malaria vaccine, especially if we will visit provinces such as Pina, San Juan and Dajabón.

Finally, since in this destination there is fresh water and because of the weather it can contain larvae that penetrate our body through the skin, the application of the Schistosomiasis vaccine is recommended.

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