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Vaccines to travel to Senegal

For travel to Senegal, a country located in West Africa, we must have the international vaccination card that shows that we have been vaccinated against yellow fever if we come from countries with risk of transmission and if we are over nine months old. In the case of proceeding from other destinations, the application of this vaccine is also recommended.

Apart from the yellow fever vaccine, the application of the cholera vaccine is recommended, for travelers who will carry out humanitarian aid and have close contact with the population; Meningococcal disease vaccine, recommended for those who will travel to slums and typhoid fever vaccine, since we can travel to places that have few hygienic conditions and where proper treatment of drinking water is not ensured.

Even if we haven’t had the hepatitis A and hepatitis B or if we have not received these vaccines, it is recommended that we apply them before carrying out the trip to Senegal and with a period of advance of at least ten days.

Finally, the application of the polio vaccine for people who have not been previously immunized and the tetanus diphtheria vaccine.

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