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Vaccines to travel to South Africa

If our next travel destination is South Africa we will have to apply the yellow fever vaccine (only those under one year of age being exempted) if we are tourists from countries that have a risk of transmission of this disease .

We will be able to apply other vaccines to prevent the spread of globally transmitted diseases, such as the vaccine against hepatitis A and hepatitis B (only if we have not previously suffered either of these two patients or received a dose at any time of vaccine).

In the same way we can apply the vaccine against tetanus-diphtheria to prevent infection with this bacterium lives in the earth and that causes an alteration of the muscles and nerves of the body that can lead to death.

In addition to these recommended vaccines we will also find the suggestion of vaccinating against malaria, especially if we will travel to areas such as the provinces of Mpumalanda and Kwazulu or the Kruger National Park during the months of October to May.

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