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Vaccines to travel to Spain

Yes our next trip is to Spain we will not have the obligation to apply some type of vaccine to enter the country, although, if there are a series of recommended vaccines in relation to worldwide diseases.

One of these vaccines that is recommended to apply to travel to Spain it is the tetanus vaccine, especially if we will make trips to rural areas or if we will spend many days in spaces dedicated to outdoor activities.

Another vaccine is against diphtheria as it is advisable to keep updated on immunological boosters against this infectious disease. In the health centers we can place the tetanus-diphtheria vaccine in order to be protected against both diseases with a single application. The hepatitis B vaccine is also recommended since this liver disease is life threatening.

Finally it is important to indicate that although there is no mandatory vaccines It could be that the International Health Regulations will ask us to go through a medical review and apply a vaccine according to our medical history.

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