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Vaccines to travel to the Riviera Maya

For travel to the Riviera Maya in Mexico There is no type of vaccination requirement both by indications of the Ministry of Health of this country and of the countries abroad, however, if there are a series of recommended vaccines.

Within the most recommended vaccines at the time of travel to the Riviera Maya there is the vaccine against dengue, a disease that is transmitted by the mosquito bite, especially during daytime hours. It is possible to prevent dengue by using mosquito nets, repellents and wearing appropriate clothing and long sleeves.

Other vaccines that we can request to be applied to us at the vaccination center are those of Hepatitis A Y hepatitis B, being the only recommendation not to have been vaccinated before or to have had this disease; and typhoid fever, as a prevention for diseases that can be transmitted in raw foods and by low water quality control.

It is also important to indicate that when traveling to the Riviera Maya It is important to have a series of precautions, such as not drinking water that is not bottled (not because it is untreated water but there are people who can dislike it). In the same way it is recommended not to consume drinks with ice, not to eat raw food and to wash the fruits with bottled water.

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